6. printing methods and paper

- a variety of paper and printing methods are out there. We can help you delve into all of this information.

While we specialize in letterpress, we also have a variety of other printing methods available. We offer engraving, thermography, foil stamping, embossing, offset and flat printing options. The only printing we do in store is flat printing (which some of our vendors also offer), we work with companies who are the best of the best for all the other methods. To learn more about the different methods, visit our PRINTING METHODS page.

There is also a wide variety of paper stocks out there. Do you prefer a cottony feel or something with a smoother finish? What color paper would you like? The traditional are white, off-white/natural and ecru.  But don't let that stop you! We also carry a variety of colored papers, as do some of our invitation vendors! Once you've settled on color, it's time to think about thickness. The standard are single or double thickness, but a few vendors we carry have stock that is even thicker. During your appointment you will be able to touch and feel a variety of samples from in house papers to letterpress or engraving stock.